Monday, December 27, 2010

Early musings for 2011

It's not New Year yet. But I've got the time to reflect now.

What can I change?
What should I aim for?

Once again, the idea of monthly goals appeals.

For January:
Buy nothing new.

Not an original goal, but not one I've tried before.

To remind myself of the world beyond the material. Of the limited resources we share. Of my blessings in having access to so much of them.
Plus, I'm moving interstate. I need to downsize somewhat (in a month?! Yeah, right.) And I have spent the last few years railing against clutter with only mild success. Here's another way to tackle it.

Well - roughly along the lines of the Compact. Food & drink is ok - but buying consciously, aware of what I already have in the pantry. Cleaning products - but only if I've truly run out or don't already own an alternative (three different types of shampoo, anyone?) Second hand is ok if I really need something. My exceptions will be: 1. Repairs - my shower screen needs fixing, and 2. Experiences are ok. I believe that spending money on experiences add depth to life in ways that Stuff does not.

Why only a month?
Because I'm afraid of commitment. And I believe in baby steps.