Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Can't spell "eye-tin-er-ry"

I leave Melbourne to go to Sydney on 14 March (Monday). Will meet up with my mother (Hi, Mum!) there.
Go to MSF office 11am Tuesday. Presumably don't do much more than pick up visa there as fly out of Sydney at 5pm.
Go via Singapore.
Get into Paris at 6:15am Wednesday. Day off to recover, freeze and see close mate living in London (thankfully she's coming to Paris).
2 days of briefing.
Fly out sometime that weekend (they organise this from there so have no idea yet) in order to be back in Bangkok by 20th (Sunday).

Whilst I love the concept of going to Paris first, not sure how my body will handle the jetlag and temperature zaps (March in Paris to March in Bangkok!). Tips for plane sleeping, anyone?


Jess (fushmush) said...

sleeping pills! I always take a couple when i fly long distance. I manage to pass the flight in an peaceful, oblivious slumber.

Whenever I say that to people they look at me like I'm an addict or something.

Good luck for the trip!

- jessica (aka fushmush from BC)

melt said...

Yes, some of my mates do that, but I always get so caught up in getting excited about the meals, movies etc that if i take them by the time i want to sleep, i still feel groggy when i'm trying to get through customs!

(sad, i know, but you have to get a bit excited or it just feels like one long bus ride!)

Michelle said...

Mel - I'm like you, I get caught up in the whole plane ride experience that I don't want to miss anything! But I also want to sleep...catch 22! When I fly in April I may consider it though as I'm doing a few flights, the wonder may have worn off by the end.

Also love the title of this post. It is a tricky word to spell, everytime I email my travel agent I have to double check that word! :)

~ Michelle (Tramgirl from BC)

Liz said...

mel - gin works well!