Sunday, May 01, 2005

Recommended reading

Anyone who wants to know a little more about the people I'm working with, read:

Singing to the Dead
Victoria Armour-Hileman
ISBN 0-8203-2358-6

Hope it will be available in Aussie libraries (or there's always Amazon if you're really keen!). The events are the recent history of my patients, and unfortunately are current for some. The author also says some interesting things about the world of volunteers!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,
I was just checking into Bookcrossing for the first time in months and months and ended up here - much ore interesting! It is great to hear a little bit about what you are up to. I hope I might have a chance to see you in person when you get back so I can hear more detailed stories. Until then I will keep an eye on your blog.
Chris an I have finally moved into our little unit together after 3 weeks of housesitting our supervisors house and dogs (fun but exhausting). It is the first time since Christmas Chris has unpacked his suitcase!
work is hectic but I am enjoying it.
take care