Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh, the festivities

Cup Day has a bit of history for me. We used to have a long-weekend family-and-friends 4 day Cup Competition, involving various party games, paper flowers, apple bobbing and its own trophy with yearly thematic additions. In retropsect, a booze-up while the kids were kept busy. But still one of those childhood memories to smile at.

Then, after several years, the frantic last minute cramming of exam time. One year I had two on the Monday and two on the Wednesday. I at least turned on the TV in the background.

Yesterday, I was unexpectedly in the office. This fact alone had me frustrated enough to turn into a nasty snapping bitchy person who periodically slammed anything within reach. I remembered at 10, and thought I should set my alarm.

I remembered again at 11:10, raced down to the house, flicked the TV on...
to see the victory lap. Crap. The weigh-in wasn't so exciting after not having seen the race itself.

Oh well, I guess I didn't completely miss the Greatest Day in Australian Sporting History.


derek said...

If it is any consolation I was also stuck in the office working on Tuesday. I did have fond memories of last year’s cup day with the nice picnic to get me through though.

In terms of the race my jury is still out as to whether it is the greatest day in sporting history.

SW said...

Oh dear! Is my daughter turning into a nasty snapping bitchy person after eight months away from any motherly guidance, all over a horse race???

melt said...

'twas before the horse race. hopefully am returning to normal self now (who of course is friendly, patient, kindly person at all times, even first thing in the morning, thanks to said motherly guidance).

Mon Hall said...

Sorry Mel, I'm with your mum on that one... I can't picture you like that at all (but then again I still have images of us chasing "fairies"... ok, dandelion seeds, at Nan's at Christmas time).