Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday night


10pm Friday. Could be out - movies, dinner, dancing...

But really, tim tams and the world wide web are about as much energy as I can muster.

1 week left of this job. It's been worthwhile, and I've learnt lots, and enjoyed stuff too (not that recent blog entries reflect this, I know). But the emotional batteries were already rather drained and January didn't recharge them as much as I'd thought. Now, it's a matter of enough sleep, proper meals, friends and getting through...

Good notes to balance the crap:
Being able to see the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony live! Well, the rehearsal, complete with duck, and a random sound guy standing in for Delta & choking on all the firework smoke. Thanks M!

Being thanked by 2 patients.

Also had weird conversation with patient's mother, who ran through our whole (large) team, correctly picking who had kids & who didn't by their approach. I had her stumped. I'm taking this as a compliment - seems I can relate to the kids / teenagers but not parentally!


Running in to 8 different colleagues that I haven't seen in ages, & feeling part of the community of this hospital.

Interactions with my Dad. Thanks!

Considering where I should spend my 5 weeks off.
Options already considered:
- Thailand
- Burma
- France
- London
- Thailand
- Burma
- Thailand
All of the above excluded due to financial & being-sensible-re-above-emotional-drainage-and-culture-shock issues. Have 2 engagements in Victoria already and am thinking Oz will have to be the answer.

Suggestions welcome...


Sue W said...

Can arrange for lots of Tim Tams or Easter eggs if preferred??
lots of love

macca said...

yes Mel, listen to your Mum.. Canberra is where it's happening. Even your house mate is coming up this weekend!