Sunday, June 04, 2006

Resting my case

Thanks to housemate #3.


dnalord said...

Maybe your fish is jealous of your buoyancy.

melt said...

is bouyancy a useful trait for a fish? I imagine it would be like negative gravity.

Aff said...

sounds cool fun to me!

Mel, maybe your fish missed you? I have given up trying to figure out fishy moods long ago. Although from last report mine (permenantly being fishsat by my mum) now seems to be colour coding its. Unfortunatly we have still not deciphered what emotions match to grey, off white-orange, yellow-orange and orange-with-flecky-black-splotches.

I think after fish have been around for a while and outlast a few companions they get a bit willful. Despite all my attempts at neglect and polution (not just your average uncleaned tank fish-poo sludge variety pollution, there was a grease slick incident with a faulty filter) my fish still floats on - albeit upside down now and then.

So I am sure despite the shark fish scare once Antigone feels his point is made he'll be back to his usual self :o