Thursday, February 02, 2012


So... where are you going?
Lots of places. Manila based, with a month in Laos and two months in Cambodia. Rough itinerary is:
Feb 4 - 28: Manila (this is in the Philippines, for those who may need reminding)
March: Vientiane, Laos
April: back to Manila with quick dash home
Late April - mid June: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Late June: Manila
End of June: Home.

What are you going to be doing?
Doing an Internship placement with the Western Pacific Regional office of the World Health Organization (and trying to remember to spell that with a "z".) Focusing on Hepatitis B control via vaccination, specifically looking at promoting uptake of the vaccine dose given at birth. This is when children are most likely to get Hep B & keep the infection for life, so the best window to intervene with immunisation.

Where are you staying?
I have a hostel until Wednesday & will figure the rest out when I get there.

They're putting you up, right?
No, the internship is not a job as such, but a work placement, hence I need to sort out arrangements myself. I'm hoping to count it as a subject for my long-running Masters study.

Will you have internet?
Yes. I will based in big cities, not in the jungle like before. Manila has 12 million people - I'm pretty sure they have phones. I might even have one myself.
But seriously, I expect to get a local sim card so not sure about being textable on my current number, but will be here, on email, fb and skype.

Have you had all your shots?
One of the benefits of leaving the country so often is that I've actually had them all already... and don't need any boosters or anything!

What are you doing after you come back?
Drinking cocktails and knitting.


Tamara said...

Someone with a daggy sense of humour saya brings me back some folders from Manila! Yes, will remember the 'z' as it is often used with work, seems the editing gene is alive and well ...

melt said...

Just spent a moment trying to figure out who on earth Tamara is. Then I remembered.