Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's all about the light

Sometimes life develops a cinematic quality. The way the sunshine fills the room, the hum of passing traffic, the side comments of fellow passengers.

For me, it's been the entire week.

The presentation, the official nods, the gift of a silk scarf held prominent for the photo.

Rain clouds dripping onto a mustard Melbourne skyline.

Beers in a cozy booth.

Standing at the microphone, my voice resonating into the future. A room full of faces growing less intertwined.

The vacuum cleaner under our feet.

My grandmother waving from her open front door.

The crisp sunshine seeping into my soul.

A chance meeting of a boy from another place and time - the struggle for context as we glance at each other. Then again: different country, different boy.

And my trolley case wheels rumbling down another marble walkway.

Maybe it's being mindful.
Maybe it's being disconnected.

Maybe my lens is coming into focus.

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