Saturday, June 02, 2012

Religion, election, Nicole Kidman

It's the commune (local) elections this weekend. The Cambodian People's Party has been in power since the 90s, and under other names since before that. The legitimacy of this depends on who you happen to be talking to... which is one reason not to.

The streets have been full of demonstrations for several weeks. Yesterday, a campaign truck blasting political K-Pop woke me at 6, and the background buzz of amplified music filtered through the office windows all day. The major street a few hundred metres away was blocked with a wall of tuk-tuks, all with huge loudspeakers lined up in a row. Slow convoys of thirty trucks wind through the streets, each carrying 50 or 60 people cheering and waving flags, their free caps all matching.

It's all pretty light hearted. At least it seems so.

Everyone knows who will win anyway.

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