Tuesday, August 28, 2012

North Melbourne II

Petrol station. Peak hour. As always, a little bit late. Queue. The pump ticks over, ever so slowly, and I head inside to pay.

I fumble with my wallet - has to be cash. The visa card PIN still eludes me - haven't used it in six months. Receipt, library card, I'm sure I've got the right change somewhere... A coin falls out onto the counter & I stare at it, trying to connect country and currency. It's five pesos. Keep hunting.

The young Indian guy behind the counter perks up.

What's that?

Oh, Filipino pesos. Been back two weeks - need to clean out my wallet!

(Find $50. Pay. Guy gets change, then, shyly...)

Can I have it?

What? The coin?

Yeah. I collect them. 

I hunt through, find the 5P, a 10P, a one. Hand them over, grin, start heading out.

He calls after me, Here! Take one of these! Holds out an Aero bar from the bowl on the counter. He's remarkably happy, but I'd already restrained myself from an impulse buy.

Thanks, but they're only worth about 30 cents. 

As I unlock my car, the woman behind me walks out of the shop.

I would have taken the chocolate, love.

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