Sunday, January 13, 2013


Firstly, a drive to the beach to witness the blue. Then the post office, my unloved mail from December crammed in, waiting.

And the new place.

Oh good, a clock radio. Too many coat hangers, not enough shelves. No hooks – will have to fix that. So many cleaning products – helpful, but limited cupboard space. Really – three tubes of alfoil?

Stereo better than the last place, TV smaller (good). A couple of leftover novels, the Kimberley Tide Guide. And – intriguingly – Singing in the Rain.

Rearrange the glasses, wipe down that bench. Where to put the cereal? Oh, there’s no pantry.

Off to the supermarket – soap, stick-on hooks, mustard and hand towels. The daily unobserved objects that smooth out our lives. I can settle in – now I own tissues.

Lamp can go in that corner, my books between the speakers. Melbourne keys in suitcase pocket in anticipation of panic a month hence. Designated miscellaneous drawer for chargers, hard drive, extraneous car key rings. Yoghurt and milk and earl grey tea; chocolate I brought with me.

So, home for half this year officially adopted. Co-opted. Explored and rearranged. Transitioned from generic to somewhere of my own.

But what to do with the 3-foot pearl lugger?

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