Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rainy days

The rainy season has been with us for a couple of months now. We do get some sunshine, but every day there's a steady rain and occasional ridiculous downpours.

This is fine, I like the rain. The lake has just started to fill, giving the false impression of floods as the banks, covered with grass and small shrubs in the last few months, slowly submerge.

I'm used to the bugs that get into everything (and will now cheerfully drink a cup of tea with several dead ants floating in it), but I can't quite get used to the mould. The house smells of it. My clothes have shadows of it. I went away for 3 days and came back to find my sandals covered in a velvety layer of green. Even my diary went mouldy!

If, when I return, I'm a bit whiffy and green around the edges, please be sensitive and forgive me!


Derek said...

Whats with the thoughts of coming home already?

Anonymous said...

Whiffy and green ... of course we'll still love you! :D
- Miss Trish