Friday, July 29, 2005

Speaking of coming home...

I've officially applied to extend my placement here. And not hearing any horrified screams from Bangkok, that means that I'll plan to stay until early-mid December, do the debriefing in Paris, drop into London (that is, if my mates there aren't all sashaying on dancefloors in central America at the time) and hopefully be home for Christmas. Leaving enough time to find a house, visit the interstate rellies and reacclimatise before starting work again.

I really do miss you all. Lots. But I orginally left a year free, so I might as well use it. To be here for only six months would be a missed opportunity, especially when it's only the last month or so that I've felt like I might be getting the hang of things. And there's so much to do! I know that once I leave, there will be someone else to do it instead, but I'd like to follow through as much as possible.

So, thanks for your ongoing messages and support, and all going well I'll see you in 5 months!


Barb said...

you're missed here too ... but sounds like a good decision too.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, I'll get to be the last friend to pay you a visit in Sangkhla before you return!
I'm working on convincing Leanne that the 7-hour bus journey is completely necessary and that Sangkhla & Mel are the only things I want to see in Thailand! :D
- Miss Trish

Anonymous said...
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