Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Irrelevant observation

The snails here curl the other way.

That is, horizontally. To look at the shell, its looks from above like the shells of Aussie snails do from the side.

Either way, it's still creepy when you step on one with bare feet.


Derek said...

oh yuk!

Anonymous said...

From Dad,
does this mean that the water also goes down the plug hole in the opposite direction to the Southern hemisphere - or is this another urban/rural/asian/global myth. The Thot Plickens.

melt said...

I don't know, which way does it go at home again?

Dad said...

It appears to be clockwise downunder, BUT I was able to reverse it by swirling the water anticlockwise. So the jury is out and we've created another mythbusting topic of trivia. I seem to remember that trivia is something I'm known for - so absoluckingfutely not something to be famous for. Love Dad