Saturday, September 24, 2005

Discovered a patch of eucalypts whilst walking to a waterfall last week. Climbing the muddy hill with the noise of the falls in the background, I felt strangely at home. It was only when my French companions pointed out the smell in the air that I realised why. Gum trees!!! I spent a little while trying to identify the species (a rather futile task given my limited knowledge, as anyone who has read the majestic Eucalyptus will know) and settled on something like a scribbly gums, without the traditional scribbles. However, some humans must have known what was missing... Posted by Picasa


Dad said...

Good guess Mel - a scribbly gum, or spotted gum is another pissiboloty.
Probably as it's tropical, the spotted gum is more likely as it tolerates wet soil more than a scribbly gum which is more dry land country.
Love Botanical Dad

melt said...

I did consider taking a couple of pics of the leaves, nuts etc for later identification, but thought that was perhaps a little too obsessive!