Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mind goggling

I made a discovery a few days ago. Well, made a discovery in the way Captain Cook did: plenty of other people knew it was out there, but I'll claim it anyway.

How cool is Google Earth?

You can see the tree outside my bedroom window at my last house. You can see the two bridges in Sangkhla. You can see the streets in our villages (if you know where to look!).

As if I needed another internet addiction.


Anonymous said...
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Chris McC said...

IMHO - google Earth is quite simply, the best thing to hit the WWW since its inception. It wins on many levels, as entertainment, as an education tool, as a trip planner, and as the greatest threat to work place productivity since the invention of the paperclip.

melt said...

or blogs, perhaps?

Chris McC said...

I think blogs, when taken to the extreme, are a threat to having a life in general.