Friday, January 15, 2010

Overcoming resistance

I have done 2 things today of which I am rather proud.

I got an autoelectrician to look at my car.
And I drafted an article for hopeful journal publication.

The two things have been my biggest procrastination problems in recent months. The article has been in process, in theory, for about 20 months. That means that, whenever I thought about it, my heart would sink. My old boss would email me every 2 months or so to check on it - and my heart would sink further. It became an enormous mental hurdle to even think of it - and hence I avoided thinking about it at all costs.

Which made it worse.

So today, I spent LESS THAN 2 HOURS and finally sat & wrote it.

That's less time than I've spent avoiding thinking about it.

But at least, I can celebrate that it's done.

A draft at least.

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