Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Famous Bridge on the River Kwai. Or at least the latest reconstruction of the Famous Bridge on the River Kwai. With a monsoonal thunderstorm coming in, I didn't spend too long on it, for fear of lightning strikes, and anyway no matter how Famous it may be I'm not that into bridges. Posted by Hello

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macca said...

Hey Mel,
phot's look great. I remember visiting the bridge back in 2000. We actually came up to the bridge in a speed boat (is that how you got there?) I also remember feeling pretty sick (it was the early stages of food poisoning which became worse and worse over the course of the next two days (I lost 4 kg that week), and so not really being able to fully appreciate the location. Like you, I don't really have an interest in war history, but I do remember reading lots of stories about the lives of the POW's working on the railway and being quite moved.