Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh, joy!

There is an ice-cream parlour in Sangkhla!!!

Tucked away in the concrete shops, behind a big pile of dirt, there is a real true ice-cream shop, with a gaudy menu, tall glasses, chocolate sauce and cherries. I just had a cappucino parfait!

To think it took me 3 months to discover this.


derek said...

But was it nice and did it melt before you got a chance to eat it?

Mon Hall said...

Reminds me of travelling in China years ago - we were so excited that we found a "Australian Cafe" in Jing Hong that made banana pikelets!!
I love seeing the photos of where you are - it makes me want to go back over that way...
:o) Hugs from Mon

Anonymous said...

That's three months of it not going straight to your hips!
- Miss Trish