Tuesday, June 14, 2005

How not to get a visa extension

I wore: long sleeved shirt, foundation for the first time in months, earrings and my most polite professional smile.

She wore: camo jacket, black leggings, bleached blonde hair, plastic straw through her left earlobe, at least 10 other (visible) piercings and the faintest whiff of dope.

I said: Sawasdee kaa. I'd like to apply for a visa extension.

She said: Visa - how much?

I got thirty days (I was hoping for 90).

She got advised to go to Cambodia.

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Robert Merkel said...

Hey Mel,

I didn't realize you were maintaining a blog. Fascinating stuff, and not a little heart-rending in parts.

I'll make sure to drop by more often in future...